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D.J. Williams

SoCal's Top 10 (actually 15) after this week's games

1. Alabama- Another impressive win against a solid SEC opponent. Watch out for Amari Cooper (sucks we couldn't keep him in our own backyard).
2. Oregon- They move up one slot from # 3 last week in my rankings to # 2. Did a good job dismantling WSU in the second half after a sluggish start.
2. Florida State- Florida State drops from # 2 to # 3 in my poll due to a very mediocre 30-17 win at South Florida. They didn't look great defensively in this game and weren't completely dominant on offense, either. I expected a little more from the Noles against this opponent, despite BJ Daniels being a very experienced QB. They are still far and away the class of the ACC.
4. Kansas State- Had a bye this week. They are a really good team, very well coached and are definitely Top 5 caliber.
5. Georgia- Impressed mightily with their offense. Defense? Not so much.
6. South Carolina- Started very slow against Kentucky but really turned it on in the second half in Lexington. I still have doubts about this offenese.
7. Florida- Bye week. This is a little higher than where they are in the polls, but they have showed alot of heart this season, esp on the road in tough environments. Muschamp's defense has been very good in the second half of games all year.
8. Ohio State- By a razor thin margin, they escaped in East Lansing. Nonetheless, its impressive that they went into the house of a very good Big 10 opponent and pulled out a win.
9. Texas-Impressive road win at Oklahoma State in a barnburner for the Longhorns. I thought they'd lose this game, but they came through.
10. West Virginia- They actually dropped a few spots in my rankings this week despite their 70-63 win over Baylor. Yes, Dana Holgerson's hybrid combination of the Air Raid Offense with Zone Read principles is sick, but you can't give up 63 points to a team barely in the Top 25 (at home, nonetheless) and expect to be ranked high in the Top 10.

Knocking on the door:
11. Oregon State- Another big win at Arizona, they are right there and very deserving, I put them at No. 11.
12. Notre Dame- Great defense and no offense...but I expect them to score close to 40 this week.
13. LSU - They were actually well inside my Top 10 last week, but they played very poorly against nobody Towson on the heels of playing poorly against Auburn and just barely winning that game, not impressed at all so far.
14. Stanford- Played well defensively for 3 quarters, sucked the big one in the 4th. Have them just slightly ahead of USC due to head to head competition factor.
15. USC- Interesting to see if Barkley can return to form at Utah on Thursday night. This is a good, but not great team. They cannot afford any more injuries due to lack of depth.

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