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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Gort View Post
here's a scenario that could result in alot of drama... if i understand the new tiebreaker rules correctly.

lets say the Yanks and O's and A's are tied with the same record at the end of the season and that record also ensures that 2 of these 3 teams will end up with the 2 wildcard spots. there would be a 1 game playoff between the O's and Yanks to see which team wins the AL East. the loser would then play the A's in a 1 game playoff to determine which team gets the #1 wildcard spot. then they would play again in the 1 game wildcard playoff.
Nope. The tie between the Os and Yanks is considered a regular season game and therefore the loser would be 1/2 game out of the #1 spot. They would travel for that one game playoff.

At least that is how I always read it before this season and no way they make a team play 2 tiebreakers especially the 2nd one just to see where the game is played.
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