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pretty good post..

Myself before preseason started I thought 6-7 games as wins.. still not sure that has changed much..

You are right on the money with the hi-lighted part yet most dreamers thought that manning would carry the team all by himself and overcome all the youth and lack of studs on the team.. lots thought that our WR core was the best in the NFL..

That JDR would instantly fix the D into a top 5 Defense..

what they do not get is there are 11 guys on the team and they all have to pretty much be on the same page all the time.. and then forget that there are 11 guys on the other side of the LOS that want to stop them..

Dreamers but then back in the early days most of us thought that the draft each year was going to improve the team to the point we could compete with KC, SAN and OAK.. only to find out they improved also..

about this time each year when reality set in the saying in the south stands was wait till next year..

We seemed to be happy to be able to play spoiler those first 15 years or so..
Cant believe i just wasted 30 sec. reading that drivel. "11 other guys.." haha. Can someone show me where the ignore button is.
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