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my expectations for the season were set before the first snap in the first game. i think we're a 7-win, 8-win, or 9-win team at best this year. tough schedule. roster with lots of holes. new system. new D coord. young receivers. etc. etc. etc.

we're just not an elite AFC team yet. one or two key injuries could really devastate our chances of .500. we've missed Kuper, but could you imagine Champ or Von Miller or DT going down for a long stretch of the season? we don't have backups who can come in and play at close to the same level.

i say enjoy 2012. take every win as a bonus and every loss with a grain of salt. this is basically one long training camp for 2013. i'll worry about the playoffs next year.
But how many "elite" AFC teams are there? We beat Pittsburgh. Ravens d is old and they almost lost to the Browns. Houston is good but theres no experience there and their secondary isnt great. The Patriots arent as good as last season and thier d is avg. at best. I dont see us being that far apart from these teams. But thats me
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