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i agree with you. his take is laughable. Peyton is far from noodle armed. he's maybe not as strong as he was (yet?), but he wasn't a gunslinger anyway. still, i maintain this was a huge gamble by Elway. if it fails, he may well go down as the worst GM in Broncos history. but we won't know for sure what's going on with Manning until next year. fortunately, the hefty contract is structured so that we can get out of it after 1 or 2 years if it turns out Manning really is done.

i don't think he is. i just don't think 2012 is the season we need to be worrying about. next year is when i expect this team (with Manning) to win 10 or more games and be in the mix for the AFCCG.

The Steeler game was a mere 28 days ago. Is everyones memory that short? Peyton looked incredible. Wait until we can mix in the run and screens and Decker and DT actually catch a few. Lets just give it a few more weeks before we stick a fork in him? Fair?

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