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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Manuel's progression this year is almost unthinkable after all the bonehead mistakes he made last year. A lot of things have opened up because Thompson and Wilder are absolute beasts, and even our other options at running the ball are doing fantastic. The team is stacked with talent though, and I think after a few years of growing pains they are finally starting to pull it together. I will not get overconfident with the team. We play quality teams, even though Florida is the only ranked teams. Miami could present some problems and I never take Virginia Tech light-hearted.

After years of mediocrity, things finally seem like they are on the right track. I am hopeful this team can do it, but there is a lot of season left. Anything can happen.
I don't know if you saw it earlier in the thread but after last week's games, I had FSU No. 2 overall in my own Top 10. Athletes look sick, esp on offense.

I think they're going to go 13-0 in reg season and ACCCG and end up in the title game against the SEC Champion. Defense had some issues last week against Boyd and Co. but I think there's so much talent there that after awhile (and we saw this in the Clemson game), it will just overwhelm the opponent. I think FSU will stomp Miami in a few weeks (although Miami is looking pretty good on offense this year, Defense is still trash) and while going to Blacksburg is always tough, VT does not appear to be quite as strong as usual this season.
Its a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh!

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