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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
You know, any other day thats a hell of a day.

But that wasn't even as good as either QB in the WVU/BU game.

Geno Smith: 45-51 (88%), 8 touchdowns, no interceptions, 656 yards passing, 28 yards rushing

Nick Florence: 30-48 (62.5%), five touchdowns, one interception, 582 yards passing

WVU: 808 yards of offense
Baylor: 698 yards of offense

WR Bailey (WVU): 13 catches, 303 yards, five touchdowns
WR Austin (WVU): 14 catches, 215 yards, two touchdowns
WR Woods (WVU): 13 catches, 114 yards, one touchdown

WR Williams (BU): 17 catches, 314 yards, two touchdowns
WR Reese (BU): 4 catches, 120 yards, one touchdown
WR Sampson (BU): 4 catches, 109 yards, one touchdown
Geno Smith's numbers are Madden on pro setting like. Reeedicululuzzz.
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