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Good listen as always guys.

At times it did feel like I was just listening to Montrose talk to himself though. I feel like Socal mostly just sits there and waits for Taco to ask him a direct question and then he answers it, Socal you should get involved more IMO. Nothing against Montrose, he's great, just think it'd be nice to hear a bit more from Socal.

Any plans on Rev being on again by the way?

Anyway, in regards to the punt returns, I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago and looked up Caldwell's punt return career stats.

Apparently he has one return.

For 0 yards.

And a fumble.

So, uh... yeah. Leonard for the win! Hopefully we'll pick up a punt return specialist for next year.

Agree this is a must win against the Raiders. 1-3 going to New England and then San Diego would be almost season over.
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