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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Real hard to get autographs during pre-game. I went once and I think they let us on the field about an hour early. We could take all the photos we wanted with our phones, assume it would be fine with real cameras as long as no flash. They have a very specific area you can stand in on the sidelines. You can take your photo next to the replay booth... I took one where I was trying to look confused, it just looked stupid.

A few players like Woodyard will come and run along all the fans and give you five. Thats all I got.
Yep, the time to get autographs is after the game, not before.

There will be security rails set up between the player exit and player parking lot (South end of the field, below the Broncos Stadium Store). Get next to the rail, have your sharpie and goods ready to sign. The more you know the players, the better luck you will have. If you call out their name, or mention their alma-mater, they usually smile and come on over. Having your kids with you is definitely a plus (so you don't look like a stalker).

After all the "stars" come out, wait a while, wait a while longer, they might take down the rails..... then the offensive linemen usually come out. One time (years ago), I had a pretty good conversation with Nalen and Hamilton when they both came out holding beer bottles and wearing cowboy boots - pretty cool.

Have fun!
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