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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I'll probably vote for the Green Party. I'm sick of voting for the better of two bad choices. I'm going to start voting for the philosophy I believe in rather than sell out, election after election. **** it. Frankly, Obama is just another moderate Republican. Same as Clinton. Actually, given his views on privacy and presidential powers, he's worse than Nixon. I believe in progressive liberalism. That's how I'm going to vote. Bull Moose forever!
Not me, dude. Not that I'm happy about some of the decisions Obama has made...

But look at it this way. What's the only way we can affect change in the government? Voting. Which party is trying to take that right away? You can argue all you want about how voting doesn't matter, but if we lose the right to vote...what's the point? Now, I understand that most of us won't be targeted for removal from voter rolls or refused our right because we don't have the proper ID, even though we've voted at the same spot without issue for 30 years. But to stand by and watch these efforts, all by one political machine, to stifle the voices of voting blocs is not something I can do.

In a perfect world, I would vote for whomever was the candidate for the Pacifism party. But it's a throwaway vote, and since I would be voting for Obama if I did vote for the lesser of two evils, it really ends up being a vote for Romney.

I can't abide that.
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