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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Roh and LA, I understand your disappointments with, and criticisms of, Obama. And I share most of them. But if you're not voting for him who are you voting for? I realize that your individual votes aren't going to make a difference, but if too many people do what you're doing what's the result? Putting Romney/Ryan in office? That's what you have to think about. You have to do what's best for the country. Vote against Romney/Ryan, if that makes you feel better.
I'll probably vote for the Green Party. I'm sick of voting for the better of two bad choices. I'm going to start voting for the philosophy I believe in rather than sell out, election after election. **** it. Frankly, Obama is just another moderate Republican. Same as Clinton. Actually, given his views on privacy and presidential powers, he's worse than Nixon. I believe in progressive liberalism. That's how I'm going to vote. Bull Moose forever!
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