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I'm not voting for Obama because of all the reasons listed above and because Obama's record on issues pertaining to civil liberties is worse than that of GW Bush.

For example, note the moves his administration has made in reference to the NDAA:

More evidence (in case anyone still needs it) that barryr and his pals are the real tools here.

I recall before the 2008 election liberals prattling on about how he was going to close Gitmo, ditch the Patriot Act and try Bush and Cheney on war crimes charges.

How effing hilarious. At the time I was thinking it was all bull**** and was telling them so, and I was right. I think he said a lot of crap to get elected that imo he never meant to follow through with, much like slimeball McCain and his waffling on the border.

Yeah - I disliked GW's civil liberties crap as it was. The NDAA is just one of several of Obama's abuses of power. Also I don't like the new stuff the TSA is doing; I flew to Florida this August and EVERYBODY was nude scanned. That didn't happen when I flew in 2009 and 2010. They aren't even using the metal detectors anymore.
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