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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
You mean similar to how fascists such as yourself hide behind the "conservative" label?
, with what you believe, you are more in line with fascism. All liberals are. It wasn't long ago you liberals were telling us all how important and being an "American" it was to dissent, but as soon as a demo gets in the WH, how that changed. You bozos are a joke and the reason I don't bother reading most of your silly rants, much less waste time responding to most of them. You liberals really think you are changing anyone's mind around here. All you are doing is preaching to your choir and back slapping each other since you seem to need constant reassurance and constant last words, such as "I won" or "I'm right" settling disputes.

Unlike you bozos, I don't feel the need to have to spend so much time here reading each and every moronic post you guys make, nor responding to each insult. But just so you know, I do find it funny you idiots kep proving me right what IK say about liberals. "Oh, you're wrong" then you go on to do exactly what I have stated many times you guys do every day, all day. Oh, but you are sure showing me alright Thanks
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