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Originally Posted by Butterscotch Stallion View Post
Oh no. clearly we made an excellent choice by trading away our young promising Qb, who could win with this giant suckfest of an nfl roster, for a 20 million dollar a year broke down Qb.

It's not like we could have used that 20 mill to get a ****ing linebacker who can run above a 6 ****ing 4 20 yard dash and a safety that understands his job is to not sit on his miserable ****ing hands and watch the football lovingly cascade a shadow over his stupid ****ing facemask instead of covering a ****ing wide receiver.

I don't think we would have won with tebow yesterday, But I do think we would be a team that is getting better instead of a a merry band of ****ty untalented misfits who cant get off the ****ing field on third and ****ing long.

But hey, we have brock osweiller to hand the reigns down to when Christopher Reeves-Manning decides to hang up his cleats.

If you think taking a ****ty team and adding an old vet post neck surgery for 60 million dollars while trading away your future is a smart move, than you sir have no right to call anyone a glorious retard.
You cannot seriously believe that Elway or Fox ever perceived Tebow as "The Broncos' Future", can you? His skill set was never going to fit what they wanted to do offensively and it takes a high level of denial to refuse to see that from the perspective of hindsight.

But the bottom line is he's gone and he isn't coming back. And two early-season (less-than-6-point) losses to teams that will most likely be appearing in the postseason... is hardly cause for hand-wringing or wails that the sky is falling.
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