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Originally Posted by maven View Post
He's not a QB anymore.

Punt protector, WR, TE, FB/RB, and QB.

Even Sporano doesn't care to use Tebow that much. Tebow is nothing but a gimmick player out there which he was brought in to do exactly that.

If Tebow had chosen the Jets, he is one stupid guy.
this is true. Ryan and Sparano don't see Tebow as anything more than a gadget player. they don't know how to use him and aren't interested in using him. his career is going to die in NY.

the reality is that Tebow has a unique skillset that the HC and OC have to embrace and build around. if they don't do that, then the most he can be is a gadget player the way the Jets are using him.

he had a chance to be an adequate/mediocre pocket passer, but his mechanics are so F'ed up now and the deluge of criticism against him so loud, nobody is going to give him that chance again.

he has a strong arm. he has an accurate arm (he proved that in college and in his rookie year). he is a good citizen. he's a team player. he won the Heisman. etc. and yet guys like Boomer Esiason are sooooo offended that Tebow plays the same position in the NFL that they played that they can't help themselves from attacking the kid any and every chance they get. i wouldn't want to be in Tebow's shoes. i'd be tempted to tell them all to go F themselves everytime somebody put a camera or microphone in my face. but he continues to grin and bear it.

he's not a Bronco anymore so it doesn't matter too much to me, but i think he would have brought some excitement and innovation to a league that has become too much about risk aversion and mimicking what everyone else is doing.
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