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Originally Posted by go_broncos View Post
We won the games last year due to luck..
I thought we were conservative for the 3 quarters due to coaching staff not believing in Tebow(which i can understand).
I see similar strategy during this year also..
This is stupid..if you don't trust manning,when even pay that much money
The problem with Manning is he is trying to come back from freaking Nerve Damage. When a nerve is damaged you get lots of pain and the muscle starts to atrophy, he admitted to not being 100% yet which means he is still having to do PT along with the rigors of practice and game prep.

If he didn't throw 3 picks vs Atlanta I bet he wouldn't be playing so conservative out there. The guy has the power to change plays at the LOS I don't think he is going out there like Cutler and running what McCoy calls without having a couple options to call at the line.

He has faced 3 good D's and at least never gave up on a game yet. I think as the season goes on and he gets into a rhythm during the week we will see a more confident Manning.

If not then he is hurt and we got damaged goods.
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