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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Earth to the undereducated. Marxism applied to culture and race relations are also at issue. Marxism seeks the destruction of nations, cultures, religions, and yes, the family. Anything in the way of "Socialist progress" is an enemy. Unfortunately even with the general demise of Marxism (excluding China, etc), it's social offspring live on and continue the fight, even if the offspring aren't economic Marxists. Its fingerprints are all over left social movements.
Just because you were a big enough boob to fall for the romance of Marxism, doesn't mean everybody else does as well. The average person studies Marxism in college and comes away with the logical conclusion, "Well, that would never work." And yet you come in here not only spluttering with fear that this failed religion is taking over the world, but wearing the robes of the Marxist apostate as if it were a badge of honor. It's not. I'm sure you did great with poli sci 101. Now I suggest you move on to 102.
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