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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I doubt Pioli gets fired after this season, no matter what the record is for kc. Cassel will be dumped of course but then kc will either have to draft a first round QB or bring in a FA QB. I doubt kc ownership will want to start over with a new FO during this time period. More likely Pioli will be responsible for bringing in the right QB and the right coach to make it all work.

Now, if I was kc ownership I'd fire Pioli and his nazi ways. I'd hire a seasoned GM who could help me assemble a great coaching staff and draft a franchise QB.

I really do hope kc drafts Barkley. I think he's another USC fool's gold first round QB bust. Plus, his name is Matt as in Matt Lienart, Matt Cassel, Matt Millan, so many winner Matts it's just gotta work, right?
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