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all @ same time

lonestar, I'll critique this honestly. The reasoning may sound correct (people get free money and benefits, so they will vote to get more. Everyone loves free money!) but it's hard to say if something is true or not without evidence.

For example,

the fact that an ever-increasing number of "useful idiots" have been lured into subservience by generations of Socialist Democrat policies, are now dependent on a laundry list of government subsidies, and, consequently, they are very likely to vote for the candidate who will continue redistributing wealth to fund those subsidies.
It says it's a "fact" that an ever-increasing amount of people (or idiots, as he calls them) are lured into Socialist Democrat subsidies, and also vote for them.

For this to be a "fact", he needs to establish a few things:

A) That more people are going on welfare every year.
B) Those people are voting for Obama because of those specific policies (not some other reason, such as his killing of Bin Laden or his record amount of deportations)
C) Proof that A is causing B.

Since he's the one making the claim, it's his job to provide the evidence.

However - I'm feeling generous.

A) Average Monthly AFDC/TANF Benefit per Recipient in Constant 2006 Dollars

Figure TANF 1.
AFDC/TANF Families Receiving Income Assistance

B) Romney Has Support Among Lowest Income Voters

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