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Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
Well since I am newer to being a fan of football then pretty much everyone here it isn't a shocker that you are a longer fan of the Broncos than I am. I respect that you have watched them longer, what I don't respect is the way you talk to people on here (and no, you aren't the only one I take issue with this on in that regard). You may have more years and more knowledge of the team as a result, but that doesn't equate to it being okay to patronize and degrade those who disagree with you. You remind me of Clint Eastwood telling people to get off his lawn. At any rate, enjoy the games this season. I have no doubt they will be exciting and maybe I will get to see some when I move back to the US, but probably not since I am not going back to Colorado now.
Actually sorry that you feel that way but this indeed a football forum and it is a lot less defined in smack and chat as others are..

see your rep on this..
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