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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
With more revenue sharing, I would propose starting at sharing evenly the first 38% of all revenue independent of source there would be less incentive for the teams that sell out like Montreal and Toronto to squeeze the prices since part of the money they would make would be shipped off to the south.
Sure, I would agree with that.

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The reason so many teams are bleeding money is because of teams like Toronto and Montreal, a team like Nashville can operate at around 38 million dollars in player expenses and break even, but thanks to the high revenue of the original 6 they are not allowed to pay any less than 55 million - that drives up salaries of mediocre players and forces mid- and small-market teams to spend beyond their means.
I agree, sort of, get rid of the cap floor, get rid of average cap hit, make it so that contracts must be same value at the start and the end, and dont let teams bury bad contracts in the minors. I have often wondered if the cap floor wasnt a way to make sure poor teams failed.

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The NFL has strong revenue sharing, and they are sharing a much larger pie with even bigger differences betweens the haves and have-nots.
They really arent tho, you cant compare the 2, the NFL started sharing gate revenue in the 60s, they also only play 8 home games. They also get almost 50% of the money as a league from TV contracts. Its alot easier to share money that comes into the league and not to each team.

I asked on a hockey board what the financial situation would look like if we applied the NFL model to the NHL, 40% of gate to visitor, but that info just isnt readily available, it would penalize detroit, for being in a division with nashville and colmubus, what about the south eastern division, carolina, florida and tampa, who gains there ? so now you have to change the schedule. it starts to get real confusing.
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