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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The NHL really needs to revamp the revenue sharing model, right now the big teams like Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Detroit and Montreal are knee deep in cash while the small market teams, even the successful ones like Nashville are really struggling and taking losses. The idea of the last CBA was to create competitive balance to increase the value of the small market teams and it has worked, Carolina, Tampa Bay and Anaheim have taken home championships and the overall value of the league has inreased a lot including some sweet new TV deals. The next step has to be to share revenue to solidify the league - right now Phoenix, Dallas, New Jersey and last year Atlanta and fairly recently Tampa Bay have been in ownership limbo.

The owners have tried to redefine hockey revenue in a way that would allow the big market teams to push profit into those streams which would reduce the salary cap and the players compensation - Donald Fehr didn't go for it and has instead been pushing revenue sharing like the models used in NFL and NBA.
Really ?

in toronto you have to have a ticket left to you in a will to get it, parking at the arena costs more than the combo deal in phoenix that gets you 2 tickets, 2 hotdogs, 2 ball caps, 2 beers, a flag, and permission to drop the opening faceoff, and you think they should just give that money away to share with the other teams ?

If they are going to split all the money evenly, they should have league wide pricing, so tickets in toronto that now cost $400.00 each, would be the same price as the tickets that now cost $29.99 in phoenix, probably somewhere around the $150 mark seems fair, what do you think that would do to demand in these markets that never should have been ?

Leafs operating income of 82 million is almost as much as the #2 and #3 teams combined, no wonder they dont want a team in hamilton, or another team in toronto. But why hasnt the league made it happen ?

only 12 teams had a positive operating income last year, 6 of them were Canadian. Why are we trying to sell hockey to people that watch cars make left turns all day ?

The only Canadian team that didnt make money was the winnipeg, and the arena they have is way to small, they never should have gotten a team. I dont see how losing 5 million in winnipeg is any better than losing 5 million in atlanta. Expand the rink, or fold them too.

We miss another year of hockey to try and save teams for people that dont care about the game, and its stupid, fold the teams, and give us our gameback.
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