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Lol, and you think if Julio Jones didn't make the 1st because Rahim Drove him back that the Atlanta fans would be calling for his head as well. I mean he has to know the situation and to get a 1st there.

I feel all these Moore threads have started because he didn't stop Julio short of the 1st on that last play. You know what, Atlanta's players are paid to play as well.

Without seeing the whole field, who even knows who is responsible for covering Jones. It was a 3 yard crossing route with our LBs blitzing. Is that the Safety? Nickel corner? Hell, maybe Moore was playing the deep end and came up all the way recognizing the route and just didn't have time to close fast enough.
That's exactly what he is saying as well as several of us. Moore had no business being in position to play a deeper throw when the play is at the marker, not down the field.

I don't care how you twist it, the play is for the qb is to complete the pass, ideally for a first, and keep the clock moving! This means short pass to move the chains! Otherwise they kill as much clock as they can to make it harder on Manning, what does that mean? High Percentage Completition.. SHORT PASS! If he completes the pass for 7 or 17, you lose either way! The QB is going for the high percentage play! Again.. Short pass! So Moore should have been driving forward from the snap. And when he got there, he didn't make the stick, which was the theme for him throughout the night.
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