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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
It blows me away that some people are just starting to realize this.

You can analyze/bs all the X's and O's about Cutler but it's painfully obvious he cannot lead. He has never won a championship at any level. Not even high school. That was the big knock on him coming out of college. He just doesn't have the ability to rally a team around him. When the team drug his sorry ass to the NFC champ game and needed him most he flaked.
Trading him when we did was brilliant. We got huge value for an talented loser before everyone else figured out what a head case he is. Then McDaniels goes and blows all those draft picks. ARGHH. Pretty much a net wash for the franchise but a huge missed opportunity.

I'm glad someone else is running the show now and that Cutler is not our QB.
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