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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
Not really, half the players in the league have already committed to Russian or Sweedish franchises. If I were a wealthy European who loved hockey I would try and unite the various German, Ukranian, Russian, and Sweedish leagues thereby stealing ALL the talent the NHL had, and putting Gary Bettman to rest. I hate how the NHL goes about their buisness. The sport is growing, it netted its largest profits ever last season, and the owners won't treat the players with an iota of respect. The NHL is shooting its self in the foot on this one.
Most of them will be making a pittance compared to their normal salary, not to mention the loss of sponsorship revenue due to lost tv exposure.

Guys like Nash and Thornton are both making around 7 mill a year in the NHL, they will be making less than 1 mill each in Switzerland if they play the whole season.

The money and infrastructure to create 1 big league is simply not in place, the entire foundation of the league would be players most of whom would have to return to the NHL once the lockout is over.
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