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I just dont care about Cutler anymore. He is not a Bronco, therefore I care what he does only when he plays against the Broncos. Then I want him to fail miserably.

Having said that, his now long history of being a jerk adds a little enjoyment when he fails. Im not talking about confronting the media, there are plenty of jerks in the media too, and I get a kick out of them getting theirs too. But the stories about Elway, Lynch and others (especially how he treats his "fans") make it perfectly clear that he is an douche. He is entitled to be an douche if he wants, but no-one (including himself) should be surprised when he is not well liked, and at some level it will eventually come home to roost in his wallet. His choice. I dont care.

IMHO, Im glad he is no longer here. I believe winning requires talent and execution, but winning it all requires leadership. I dont see anything that supports him as a leader. Good riddance, glad to be on another path.
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