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Originally Posted by Harvitz81 View Post
Lol, and you think if Julio Jones didn't make the 1st because Rahim Drove him back that the Atlanta fans would be calling for his head as well. I mean he has to know the situation and to get a 1st there.

I feel all these Moore threads have started because he didn't stop Julio short of the 1st on that last play. You know what, Atlanta's players are paid to play as well.

Without seeing the whole field, who even knows who is responsible for covering Jones. It was a 3 yard crossing route with our LBs blitzing. Is that the Safety? Nickel corner? Hell, maybe Moore was playing the deep end and came up all the way recognizing the route and just didn't have time to close fast enough.

Moore has been decent so far. He is tackling better and seems to be around the ball more than last year. Christ, this is only what - his 5th or 6th started game? Classic OM calling for a draftees head before they have time to adjust to the speed of the NFL.

Me, I'll wait until the end of year 3 and place judgement then. Just look at Beadles - last year and the year prior people were calling for a replacement. Now he is playing really well and is a solid starter. Give it time people.
A number of us on this board watch the games and inspect plays a lot deeper than I think you are giving them credit for. The last play was nothing more than one play in a series of plays that Rahim Moore was a step too slow in closing on throughout the course of the game. As many have noted, it is because he may not fully trust his instincts yet, or he is late to recognize players coming into his zone. He was also late getting to his assignments on a few occassions Monday night too. Here's a hint for breaking down a defensive back's performance in very simple terms. If he is constantly making tackles on guys in front of him 1.5 seconds after the catch, it means he did not have a good break or was slow to recognize how the pattern was unfolding.

There really isn't a large contingent "calling for his head," just pointing out that one of our 2nd rounders is still not developed. In my opinion, he shoudl be further along at this point, but that is debatable.

If I had to rate his game on Monday it would be an "A"

for "awful"
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