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Originally Posted by DBruleU View Post
Then you have terrible comprehension issues. He said he can't worry about getting their vote because they have already made up their mind. It's pretty clear.
What's pretty clear is that Romney's generalizing all people on welfare as deadbeats who will vote for Obama so they can keep riding the gravy train. "Welfare queens in their Cadillacs" and all that Reagan BS. What the example of Romney's father on welfare illustrates is that this generalization (which you evidently believe yourself, since you can't recognize the issue with it) is nothing more than a right-wing myth. Most people go on welfare to get help through a tough time (like Mitt's dad). Some of those people even vote Republican. And, as Roh pointed out, even those few who would want to suck on the welfare system long term, can't....Clinton ended "welfare for life" back in the 90s.
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