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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
**** Jay, but he did win state in high school.
Thanks Al Bundy!

I love this quote in the article...
Marc Silverman, the other co-host of the show Tuesday, said he thought Cutler was letting things bug him during the game, such as bad blocking, dropped passes, play calling.

“This is just educated guesses at best. Correct?’’ Cutler said. “That’s the problem. These are guesses. You’re guessing. Admit that you’re guessing."

No, Silverman said.

“Admit yes, you are guessing. You’re guessing. How can you say that you aren’t guessing?’’

First, Cutler should admit to that and then add his horrible ints (3 of 4 were on him). Instead, he wants to be confrontational. Only thing I don't agree on from the article is that he is a journeyman QB. He could be based on attitude but he is better than that description. He is far from franchise, that is for sure. Frown Cannon with the lip, love it.
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