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Originally Posted by Broncos4Life View Post
Bottom line is, Moore is not a play-maker, and is not as advertised. He was supposed to be the ballhawk of the draft. So far all he's been is a gifted athlete with bad instincts. Basically a back up.

There have been many a safety on this team since the great DS and SA. Unless Moore gets his **** together and does something this year, or better, within the next 2-3 weeks, JDR has to bench him and insert someone that can make plays.

Like OU says. QC is better and he can tackle and catch. If Moore ever puts it together he'd be the best safety on the team, but as of now hes probably 3rd at best.
Bottom line is that this is only his SECOND year in the NFL. Give him some time. He has obviously progressed tremendously over last year. Im not sure why you say he cant tackle, as I can only remember 1 or 2 missed tackles so far this year. His technique has improved tremendously though. As he becomes more confident with his tackling he will be able to tackle harder and more aggressively.

He proved in college that he has good hands, he just hasnt shown it in the NFL yet. Just give him some time to adjust. Once again, this is only his second year. Most safeties take a few years to gain the awareness needed to be an impact player in the NFL. QC is a good safety but Moore's ceiling is MUCH higher.
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