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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
And yet the Tigers will fall short of the postseason unless there is a monumental collapse by the White Sox, the O's/Yankees or the A's. Heck even the Angels are ahead in the wild card race.

I'm not sure blowing a 3 game lead in 15 games would be a monumental collapse, its not exactly a huge number. In fact, we could blow it with a single bad series. We held on for a 3-2 win as Gavin Floyd pitched a great game tonight, which we needed considering Detroit bombed Oakland. There's 15 games left. If the Tigers go 10-5 and the Sox go 7-8, it will be a tie and it will hardly be because someone "collapsed". There's a long way to go. If we were up 3 with like 8 to play, then yeah that would be a collapse, but not at 15, where merely going .500 (which is not an awful thing) is good enough to get you beat.

The key for Chicago will be really taking care of business against Cleveland. We've got 6 games against them left and we need to win 4 of those games because the Anaheim and Tampa Bay series will be tough.

I'm going to peg the White Sox as needing 9 more wins to pull this off. I know DET has had issues with MIN and KC, but those are weak teams. If they can win 2 out of 3 vs. OAK and I think they will, I could see them winning each of their remaining series 2-1 and the KC series 3-1, so that would put them at around 11-4, so we need to go 9-6.

9 more. If we can get 4 from Cleveland, that leaves 5 more. I'll give us one win vs. Anaheim, two wins out of four vs. Tampa Bay, that's 7. Sale HAS to beat Chen tomorrow and Chen has had our number a little bit. We need to win tomorrow for sure cause Verlander will win. That would be 8 and then we need one more win, somewhere. If we can get to 9, it would force them to win 12 and that's tough.

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