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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Action View Post
If you can't figure out who the blown coverage was on, then your analysis of anything, let alone Moore being the problem on that play, is completely invalid.

Does a better safety make the play? MAYBE. But no one is saying Moore is an elite Safety.

So if you need to use someone like Ed Reed to make your point, you obviously are completely missing the point of what people are saying.
Man, I honestly cannot see your point.

Moore is a SAFETY in the NFL. His job is to drive on the ball and STICK the receiver. The receiver made the catch and Moore got there in front of the marker. If he wraps up (you know that technique they teach you in Yaffle), then he makes the tackle in front of the marker and Atlanta has to punt. Instead, he throws himself at the receiver trying to get a knockdown...and the receiver brushes him off and dives forward past the first down marker...easily getting the 1st down. Then he smiles about it. That is bush league.

Say whatever you want....but, defending that ignorance.

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