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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by Mightysmurf View Post
Rahim has oodles of talent. But he can't tackle, can't catch, has poor positioning and ball skills. Talented guy, no skill.

In short, he is the Tim Tebow of safeties.
That is a myth this year. As has been said many times in this thread alone, this is the area he has really improved. Does he need more? Yes, of course.

However, like I said, if JDR agrees with you, then he will be replaced soon. OTOH, if JDR believes that these "oodles of talent" just need time and nurturing, then he will stay on the field as long as he is healthy to get the needed reps to allow improvement.

Besides, I'm not too sure being a "Tebow of safeties" is all that bad of a thing.
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