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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Think you should read what I wrote earlier. I can name young safety's who drive to the ball better than Moore. That's the problem that you don't know where he came from.. What is he doing out of the play initially? The play is in front of him not behind him. Seriously what about Moore's game gives ringing praise to being a starter? I wish Moore played with MORE heart, intelligence, poise, and tenacity.. At some point physical attributes being relied upon only has got to go!
I think it was Jones who caught the pass and he was completely uncovered. There was no one around him, he crossed over the middle and caught the ball with room to spare. Now, who's is supposed to either cover Jones or cover that zone area? Is that the LBer's responsibility? If it's man, no way, you don't put a LBer on Jones. Was it a zone coverage gaff? If so, then maybe Moore is not to blame so much.
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