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It's sad what some don't see.. Take the orange glasses off. I DVR every game and watch play after play.. Who would you like to put the blame on? It was a blown coverage, with confusion off the line of scrimmage after a timeout. Moore was floating around to deep to make a play on anyone pushing for the yard marker. While sole blame does not fall on him, your kidding yourself to think a better safety doesn't drive on the ball and make that play. As I pointed out Ed Reed earlier, there are plenty of safeties who drive to the ball and make the stick.
If you can't figure out who the blown coverage was on, then your analysis of anything, let alone Moore being the problem on that play, is completely invalid.

Does a better safety make the play? MAYBE. But no one is saying Moore is an elite Safety.

So if you need to use someone like Ed Reed to make your point, you obviously are completely missing the point of what people are saying.
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