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TJ Ward

I think it's fair to be critical of Moore. He sat his whole rookie season after screwing up the first couple games. I think the coaches decided, this kid's head is going to way to fast for his body. Call it his redshirt year. This year is his first real playing time so to expect him to be perfect out the gates is simply too hopeful. He's finally starting this year and I think he's performed OK. Obviously, when you watch the guy he flashes playmaking ability and explosiveness we haven't seen before in our secondary for a long time. He has a good build, and great athletic ability. As Med pointed out, he still a step slow. In fact, I think he's several steps slow but his athletic ability allows him to make up ground more quickly than most safeties. If he can get his mind and body working on the same level, the guy is going to be a heck of a player. Time will tell if he gets it. If he does, i think he could be a damn good safety. Lots of room for improvement this year so far, but that's our whole team. Moore's also gone against two of the better QB's in this league the past two weeks and more than held his own in Big Ben and Matt Ryan. He'll be challenged again against Houston but I feel pretty positive that he will get better as the year goes on. If he does, this defense and team are going to be pretty lethal having a safety with his range playing behind Champ and Porter, along with our pass rush.
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