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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Your being a little to critical imo. I see improvement. With how critical you are, you'd think he's been in the league for 4-5 years. He should have at least 2 ints if he could just hold onto the ball. No better way to get better than some OJT...
I am not being too critical, I am actually trying to give the kid a break. I routinely look for checks when he makes the play and executes his responsibility. Those checks are fewer than need to be when combined with the minuses.

He is still getting way too many minuses, and not enough checks, let alone pluses. He grades out below replacement value, despite the fact that he has made some better plays when he tackles. That is the one area he has made improvement. He is not missing tackles as much as he did last year. However, he is not making tackles that execute the play and keep the offense off the pace. Therefore, those tackles are normal plays and get a check, not a plus in the grade book.

He has improved one area and still is behind in several more. I do not see any growth in the pass coverage area, in fact I see a lot of regression and self doubt. He has to diagnose better and react instinctively to the situation, down, distance, and route in both run and passing games.
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