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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Its not impressive, its minimal. He still blows coverages and arrives late to the play design. He is being more analytical and less reactive so he does not make a mistake. However, by doing so, he is not getting the job done at all. Great, he made the tackle 7 yards down the field on the final third and five. However, not making the tackle before the first down or being in position to make the play on the ball is a missed assignment, if the coverage was truly his. Hard to say, I have not looked at it again.

However, that was representative to his play last night. A half step late and a dollar short of getting the job done. Sure, Tony Carter did his best Roc Alexander impression all night long, but Moore is a starter and he was routinely unable to execute his assignments until after the play was made. that is playing below replacement value for a safety.

That is why I am still disappointed with him. You can not second guess all night long as a safety or you will fail to do your job and make plays. Being in the zipcode or making a tackle 7 yards down the field on third and 5 is just not good enough at this level.
Moore has been the best safety of the two starters this year against the run, he has made several good form tackles close to the line against the run. On the flipside he is lost in pass coverage and often arrives late or fails to close the gap leaving the reciever to make the reception before he arrives on the scene.

He needs to trust his athletic ability more and be a little more reckless some times, but he has definitely improved the run stopping aspect of his game as well as his tackling both of which were suspect last year.
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