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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
I don't know how you can make this statement. Given where he was at this time last year, his progress is impressive. He's not to the point of being a Pro Bowler by any means, but his progress in a year's time is undeniable.

Last year he was completely lost. This year he's still occasionally late to react, but he's also been around the ball much more, been out of position much less, and has come close to making game changing plays on a handful of plays.

He was a disappointment last year, but his growth curve has to make you lean towards being optimistic.
Its not impressive, its minimal. He still blows coverages and arrives late to the play design. He is being more analytical and less reactive so he does not make a mistake. However, by doing so, he is not getting the job done at all. Great, he made the tackle 7 yards down the field on the final third and five. However, not making the tackle before the first down or being in position to make the play on the ball is a missed assignment, if the coverage was truly his. Hard to say, I have not looked at it again.

However, that was representative to his play last night. A half step late and a dollar short of getting the job done. Sure, Tony Carter did his best Roc Alexander impression all night long, but Moore is a starter and he was routinely unable to execute his assignments until after the play was made. that is playing below replacement value for a safety.

That is why I am still disappointed with him. You can not second guess all night long as a safety or you will fail to do your job and make plays. Being in the zipcode or making a tackle 7 yards down the field on third and 5 is just not good enough at this level.
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