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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
I'm just not impressed with his awareness and spatial coverage at all....hes always a yard and a half away from where he needs to be
Playing safety is all about being mentally quick with deciphering what is happening. Way too often, you see the amazing physical specimens at safety who can never understand how they need to play to do their job. That is where Moore is right now. He is still mentally slow and it shows in how he does his job.

You hope he starts to get it and changing schemes again never helps young safeties acclimate to the NFL. Look no further than the William Moore for ATL last night. He had the exact same struggles in ATL the last few years and was Extremely similar to Rahim Moore coming out of College. He played out of his mind last night and playing a very tough scheme that they had never played before he made plays.

I hope the kid gets it, but I am not happy with his progress to date. He negates all his athletic ability with being slow mentally to react. that has to get better if he wants to continue being a starter. I was disappointed with him being hesitant in his reads last night and not trusting what he saw. Indecision allows the other team to make big plays and he did plenty of that last night on first glance. He was not pathetic, but he also was not an asset in either the run or pass game either.
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