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Matt Paradis

Originally Posted by 24champ View Post
Aside from the fumble, Moreno looked decent for a third down back. He caught some passes for nice gains, especially at the end.
One pass, actually -- for 12 yards (a low standard for a 'nice gain'). He also had 3 rushes for a whopping 2 yards. And one crushing fumble at a critical juncture that possibly cost us the game.

Ball, by comparison, had one reception for 17, and one rush for 4 yards. And he plays special teams quite well.

Again, my overarching point is that Knowshon is not value added over replacement, whether the replacement is Ball, Hillman, Jeremiah Johnson, or Xavier Omon. Especially in light of his salary, his constant injuries, and his license plate which says "SAUCED". I'm tired of it, and ready for the Broncos to move on.
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