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Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
You might want to parse my original statement a little better, Champ.

"Ronnie Hillman has never blown an assignment in a regular-season game. Never!"

My point being that Knowshow supporters are using similar logic to advocate for him.... I've never seen that he's an adequate 3rd down back in a game. Hell, Lance Ball showed better than him tonight in his one play.

Also, I'm not sure that Rotoworld should be considered a 'source'.
Roto gets the snippets from the DPO. Point is, Hillman won't see the field until he catches up on pass blocking and his assignments. Until then, Broncos are rolling with McGahee, Moreno, and Ball.

Aside from the fumble, Moreno looked decent for a third down back. He caught some passes for nice gains, especially at the end. I think he compliments McGahee just fine.

That Hillman has endured some ups and downs as a blocker is no surprise to offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, who described pass protection as "the hardest part" of a rookie runner's work.

"Without a doubt, because you see so many different pressures and people coming from different angles and disguising things and hiding things," McCoy said. "A running back, you hand him the ball, he's going to run. But it's the protection that's a major difference, I would say."

Moreno, on the other hand, has flourished in that role, McCoy said.

"He's always been a pretty good blocker," McCoy said. "He's never been afraid to stick his nose in there and fit up someone who's coming through on a pressure."

Hillman still fits in the Broncos' long-term plans, but for now, he'll be given time to develop -- which could mean time on the sideline during game days, unless the Broncos choose to activate four running backs. They never activated more than three last season.

"I think (Hillman) is like every rookie on the football team. There's so much more that we're doing right now offensively than what he did in college, it's going to be a day-to-day basis with him. He's going to learn something new every day. There's going to be a different look, or we're going to add things from week to week in game plans.

"We're not slowing down for anybody now. So you're not just getting the generic looks any more; we're throwing a lot at you and he's going to learn and get better every day."

So yeah....
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