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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Action View Post
I see people say he's one of the worst center but the truth is, he's been playing like one of the best centers in the league.

Gruden also said tonight that he was one of his favorite centers in the NFL.

But you come on here you would think that we have a scrub there.
To be fair, as much as I love the guy, when Gruden is doing an MNF game, he sucks off everyone he talks about and all hell literally had to be breaking loose for him to finally say that Denver was "playing poorly" after it was like 20-0, every offensive drive had ended in an abortion of some kind and even that comment was kind of muted.

JD Walton is a below average center. Probably way below average. There was a recent article where some GM's confirmed the same. They tried to draft his successor at Baylor to replace him and he has flamed out, too. The guy isn't that good. There's literally no reason to be on JD Walton's dick. Ever.

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