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Agree with Walton -- I've never understood where all the hate is coming from. Is he an all-pro center? No, but he's average or better, and improving every year.

As for Knowshon -- he lacks burst, lacks top-end speed, gets confused on assignments, and is frequently injured. I'll give him credit for ****that one play**** in the game, but he was an overall net negative in this game and for his career (especially at his salary).
I can agree that Moreno doesn't play up to his salary or his pick... again though, there is a reason they are confident in him as a 3rd down back. He plays pretty fast, he doesn't "miss" assignments, he's usually always in the right place... always catches the ball. (when I say he plays fast it looks like he knows what he's doing on passing downs, when he runs it, it's a different story)

I'd say he's one of the better 3rd down backs in the league coming out the backfield.
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