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Because we live in a microwave society where everyone gets impatient if things don't happen fast enough.
I can see that but I think people in general tend to make a decision on someone and for whatever reason, it just stays like that forever... no matter what.

Such as Moreno. He will always forever be hated as a Bronco no matter what. No one will give him credit for that play he had that bailed Manning out which turned into like a 14 yard reception.

Another one is J.D. Walton. People really thought that he was going to get replaced by Koppen? Seriously? After working through all the OTA's, training camp, countless hours getting signals, language down with Manning... what he likes to do... you're going to scrap that?

I see people say he's one of the worst center but the truth is, he's been playing like one of the best centers in the league.

Gruden also said tonight that he was one of his favorite centers in the NFL.

But you come on here you would think that we have a scrub there.
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