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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Whoa...calm down, dude. I'm relieved we got a win, which as you know, I didn't think we'd be able to do. But I'm looking at the remaining schedule and it favors Detroit. We have series against TB and Anaheim mixed in with the the Royals. For whatever strange reason, we've had some serious trouble with the Royals this year, so I'm concerned about that. Detroit appears to have an easier schedule so that is in their favor. Chicago is going to have a tough time going better than 8-8 from here on out, so Detroit can win this division, or at least move into a tie if they can win 11 games....possibly 10.

Chicago will need a couple more wins from Sale. Sale needs to get 3 more wins for the team just from himself cause the rest of hte rotation is iffy, including Peavy. He's going to have to carry them home....and hope Detroit doesnt get hot playing against cupcakes, which is entirely possible and maybe even likely.
I worked out the rest of the schedule for both teams last Thursday before the series even started.

Remaining games for DET are:

Kansas City 7-5
Minnesota 7-5
Oakland 2-2

16-12 overall

Remaining games for CHI are:

Kansas City 5-10
Cleveland 8-4
Los Angeles 3-2
Tampa Bay 3-0

19-16 overall

Like I said, the Tigers have demonstrated that they do not have the ability to make up ground on the Sox. Leyland must be to blame, because this roster is far too talented to be relegated to second place in one of the worst divisions in the league.

If they're going to make up 3 games on the Sox, they won't have my confidence in doing so.
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