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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by DomCasual View Post
I made more than that the first month in BAZI.
Well, you are a phenomenal closer. You take what is given to you and you produce. It could be BAZI one day and then Amway the next. You are the type that can hype the product and make the buyer feel like a winner at the same time. It takes a special salesman to pull that off and sir, you have the tools that most common men cannot fathom. I look to your expertise in the field of multi level marketing and know that anyone and everyone that signs up, they will make millions. I know the guys on the top only take in a small fraction to help those below on the pyramid to get their share of the wealth. It is amazing how a product like BAZI does all of this and still is sold at wholesale price. How can they compete? Well, guys like Domcasual is what makes companies like BAZI successful and they owe it all to the little guy jumping his way up the pyramid to get a taste of that success.

In other words, why is Smurf wasting his time looking at books when there is a special water out there that only the Almighty God would walk on to sell to us mortals.
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