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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Exactly....Ben's made better LB's than Woodyard miss, and has shrugged off many more....and while Woodyard might not be the best LB in the NFL...he's one of the best on our team. Until we can acquire a better one, we'll have to hope 12 tackles with a sack per game is good enough.
Let me note that DE's and DT's have been shrugged off by him also..

But But But he has stiff hips..

OMG the sky in falling..

I just love hearing crap like that when they have no logical or valid solutions..

most teams would love to have him on their team..

Most of our members seem to think we have to have pro bowlers at each spot on the field all the time.. but then when it time to pay them they get pissed because we let them leave for more money..

Morons seem to think money grows on trees and forget we all have a cap to live under..
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