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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Lane Kiffin was the wrong hire for SC. He always fields soft teams. Harbaugh built Stanford's lines. They're completely dominating. Especially the defensive line. The NT has owned SC's center all night and Kiffin has no idea what to do about it. Stanford played smash mouth football and SC is just too soft.
I don't know about "soft", but USC and Barkley in particular have just looked off this whole year. I think part of it is depth. When they lost some guys, especially on the OL, they don't have a full roster there due to the first year of scholie losses, so when you get some injuries, it is real tough. I'm not sure what Barkley's issue is. He doesnt seem quite as sharp this year. I know alot of USC fans down here, when I talked to them about their slow start and the Syracuse game in particular, they said Kiffin teams start slow but get much better as the year goes on. We'll see if thats true, but they already have 1 loss and their title hopes are seriously damaged.
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