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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Stanford is proving to be an impressive program. They were more than just Harbaugh and Luck—they have athletes on both o-line and d-line that were plain abusing the USC blue chippers all 4th quarter.

One complaint is not enough sideline shots by Fox of stunned Lane Kiffin to satisfy my schadenfreude.
You'd think he would somehow know in advance that if your top rated center is out and being replaced by a guy who played tackle in high school and is making his first start, and he's going up against a great NT, you're going to need to game plan around it. Put in a full back. Roll out the QB. Play the no huddle. Something. Stanford ate the center up all game long and all Kiffin could do is stand on the sidelines looking like he had **** his pants.
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